NutriSystem Food Reviews – What to Look For and Consider When You Read Them

A lot of people who find my blog do so because they are looking for NutriSystem food reviews.  I’m happy to provide this, but I often tell people that they should take these with somewhat a grain of salt.  It’s hard to find reviews that are truly and completely unbiased.  What I mean by that is that I firmly believe that the review (and whether it’s negative and positive) is going to depend largely upon the degree of success that the person has had.  The food is going to taste a whole lot better from someone who has lost fifty pounds and is loving life than from someone who is struggling to lose their first ten pounds.  (And frankly, if you follow the diet as it’s designed, you should not have to struggle too much.)  None the less, I’ll give you my own NutriSystem food review as well as to tell you what to look for from other reviews that you might read along the way.

How Much Weight Has The Reviewer Lost And How Long Have They Been On NutriSystem?:  Hopefully, the person will qualify any negative review with how much weight they have actually lost.  I spend a lot of time on weight loss forums and I have noticed a definite trend.  People who have having a good deal of success and are happy with their results are generally also happy with the diet in it’s entirety including the food.

Folks who are not happy with their results, in contrast, tend to downplay everything surrounding the diet – from the food, to the instructions, to the support, etc.  In other words, it is always someone else’s fault.  Granted, a good diet will make the experience as painless, convenient, and user friendly as possible, but no diet food is going to taste like haute cuisine and you will generally know that going in and hopefully are pleasantly surprised when it’s not as bad as you thought.

Do They Mention All The Choices Or Just Those They Don’t Like?: I will freely admit that there are some of the NutriSystem foods that I find pretty distasteful.  But I don’t like all non diet foods either.  Basically, I just make a note of the foods I would prefer to steer clear of and I don’t order them again.  I always use the custom menu where I can chose my own foods and I will load up on what I really enjoy (the pizza, the chili, the macaroni and cheese, the ravioli, the desserts, etc.) and I will avoid those that I can’t stomach (some of the soups, the stroganoffs, the stews, etc.)  I guess the basic point that I’m trying to make is that sure there are some foods that you may not like, but there are over 170 food choices.  Of these, there are many good options that make it quite easy to make up a full week’s or month’s menu.  Sure, there may be items that you won’t eat, but there will be many more that you will.

Do They Mention The Good With The Bad?: I correspond with a lot of folks on the NutriSystem diet and I must tell you that I don’t know anyone who hates or dislikes all of the foods.  There is typically enough to like that you can make it work.  Not many diets allow you to eat cereal, carbs, desserts, and comfort foods like pizza, ravioli, tacos, chocolate cake and hamburgers. This counts for a lot in my opinion.

Sure, the cake isn’t dripping with frosting and the pizza isn’t loaded with cheese, but these foods are quite acceptable, especially when you see the results that many folks see.  You also have to consider that you’re adding your own fresh side items onto every meal so you do have quite a bit of flexibility, control, and choices.  In other words, you’re not completely dependent on the food that they provide you with.

I actually would review the NutriSystem foods quite positively.  I find that many of the choices taste quite good.  Yes, the portion sizes are somewhat small, but this is for your own good and you get used to it.  I don’t note any weird textures of after tastes on most things.  I just avoid the foods that I don’t like and the company lets you do this without any additional costs. Overall, the good things about this food far out way the bad.  The results speak for themselves and I find the food to better better than that of most diets.  The choices and variety is far and away the best I’ve found. 

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